Designing Ad Formats to Delight & Inform
Below is a sampling of the GDA Formats projects I've worked on. Most of these projects have been completed in collaboration with other GDA designers. 
When approaching ad design work, I am driven by the following design goals:
Modular - Ad formats should be easily replicable so they can be used across a wide array of advertisers.
Respectful - Ads should not take advantage of users' attention. They can be interactive and fun without being overly distracting.
Relevant - Ads should display important, delightful information that quickly educates the user about the product.

Note: All advertiser information shown below are mock assets.

Mid-Funnel Advertisers
Unique, interactive, mobile ad formats that push the envelope for mid-funnel advertising campaigns focused on apparel. Exploratory mocks for experimentation and planning purposes.

Live Shopping
A modular web & mobile ad format based on editorial design patterns for livestream shopping events in collaboration with YouTube.

Promotion Extensions
New concepts for "shoppable" mobile ads. Experimented with including delightful new features such as sale countdowns and a convenient in-ad deep linked shopping cart. Presented at the GDA 2022 Q4 Strategy Summit. Implementing in Q1 2023.

Connected TV
Interactive, informative ad format for Connected TV (streaming services). Applied insights from a design sprint to increase off-screen direct response from users. Incorporated QR codes based on YouTube design patterns. Experimenting in Q4 2022.

Other work

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